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The Best Physical Therapy Treatment for You

Physical Therapy Specialists of Dothan, AL, proudly provides a wide array of physical therapy treatments, such as dry needling and massage therapy to best suit your needs. Our experienced physical therapists will work with you through each step of your recovery process to create a rehabilitation plan tailored to your situation. 

The Dry Needling You Need

Enjoy improved pain control, reduced muscle tension, and countless other benefits when our dry needling experts engage with your body’s muscular and connective tissue trigger points. We utilize the cleanest, safest practices when inserting these thin, dry needles into specific sites. Our dry needling technique is a great supplement to your overall treatment plan in relieving pain or improving your range of motion. 

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Inclusive Aquatic Therapy

Those with a disability or traumatic brain injury may find it difficult to exercise on land but can comfortably enjoy physical activity in the water. Aquatic therapy at Physical Therapy Specialists provides an inclusive service for patients who otherwise feel limited or require muscle reeducation in the ease of water. Our aquatic therapy is also great for those suffering from orthopedic issues or back pains thanks to the rebalancing powers of water resistance.    

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Relaxing Massage Therapy

The skilled massage therapy experts at Physical Therapy Specialists will relieve your pain and reduce stress in a relaxing environment. Each of our massage therapists is well-versed in anatomy and can skillfully manipulate your body’s soft tissue for noticeable relief. Our restorative massages are perfect for those suffering from lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches. 

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Specialized Hand Therapy

Physical Therapy Specialists understands that normal, necessary tasks can seem excruciating when you’re experiencing hand, finger, and wrist pain. Our specialized hand therapy services not only decrease pain, but they also strengthen muscles, increase your range of motion, and increase positive sensations in your hands. Comfortably wave goodbye to annoying hand pain with the help of our team.  

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From decreased pain to increased motor skills, the benefits of our physical therapy services are practically endless. Physical Therapy Specialists utilizes a wide range of techniques to create a specific treatment plan for you. From complex muscle reeducation to reducing wrist pain, our talented physical therapists can streamline your recovery process for an enhanced quality of living. Call our clinic in Houston County to schedule your consultation today. 


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