Physical Therapy Specialists

Physical Therapists in Dothan, AL

For more than 17 years, the experts at Physical Therapy Specialists have applied their 50 years of combined experience to provide the best physical therapy services available. We’re a locally owned physical therapy clinic, which means our patients benefit from individualized attention from a specialist rather than dealing with a big impersonal business. Our clinic is located in Dothan, AL, and we proudly serve everyone in the surrounding communities.  

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Effective Physical Therapy

At Physical Therapy Specialists, we care about reducing your pain and developing long-lasting recovery plans so you can enjoy your daily tasks and activities without pain. Our physical therapy experts create precise treatment plans based on your individual strengths, weaknesses, range of motion, and lifestyle for the best results. 

The Best Sports Medicine Team

When you’ve been injured exercising or playing a sport, it’s important to let yourself recover. Rushing back to the field without proper sports medicine rehabilitation may take you out of the game for good. Physical Therapy Specialists understands how much you want off the bench and back to your sport, which is why we streamline your recovery so you can safely return to your favorite physical activities. 

We Treat Patients of All Ages

Physical Therapy Specialists is inclusive of patients of all ages and proudly provides services for mature clients. Our senior therapy is perfect for maintaining a safe, active lifestyle in a supportive environment. Enjoy increased independence and greater ease while completing daily tasks or activities when you choose our senior therapy treatments.   

Locally Owned Physical Therapy Clinic in Houston County

Physical Therapy Specialists combines decades of experience with the latest developments in physical therapy to decrease your pain and increase your quality of life. We utilize a variety of pain management and rehabilitation methods to treat patients with all kinds of conditions, such as chronic pain or injuries. If you’re in the Wiregrass region, call our clinic today to schedule your next appointment.